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Express Identity Package

Cost = R 85.00 Ex VAT (Credit Card & Pre-Paid Purchases)

This Package is for jobseekers only
  • ID Authentication (Telephonic Screening)

    Verification is completed on an individual to ascertain if the individual passes authentication by correctly answering four questions relating to his/her current credit profile. A minimum level has to be obtained. This is currently the best way of ensuring that the individual you are dealing with is the correct person attached to that ID number.

  • ID Validation (V-Report)

    V-Report confirms the validity as well as the authenticity of a candidate`s Identity Number. V-Report offers an ID Validation, confirming the validity of the ID number according to Home Affair's algorithm.

  • ID Verification (Bureau Only)

    Department and Bureau ID Verification confirms that the Name, Surname and ID number match.